Future for the Scandinavian Papers

Future for the Scandinavian Papers

The business is expanding and are now planning to diversify their business by doing backward integration. Scandinavian Papers will be having a production unit to manufacture recycled container board in KIZAD with a capacity of 150-180 tonnes per day & construction of this unit is proposed to start midyear & will be completed by next year.

Scandinavian Papers has already started to construct distribution centre in IMPZ with storage capacity of more than 22 thousand MT.

Adding a new paper manufacturing facility & develop a waste collection division side by side. Keeping in mind for an environmentally friendly approach & being competitive in the market client is expected to get boost from the starting of manufacturing of papers from waste papers and total cost of the project is AED 100 Mn, post completion of the project client is expected to have additional turnover of AED 200Mn.


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