Plastic Coatings / Extrusions

Plastic Coatings / Extrusions

Plastic Coatings / Extrusions

Our PE coating machines provide barrier coatings that protect perishable items from deterioration. Barrier coating also helps maintain moisture control, grease control, humidity control, heat resistance, and avoids peel ability to avoid contamination of food products once it gets in contact with the packaging. We can accommodate one-sided and two-sided coatings based on your requirements.

Here are the specs of our PE coating services:

  1. We can deliver industrial packaging such as paper reel covers, side protectors, and other industrial products to avoid moisture or grease contamination.
  2. Our food packaging products can withstand both hot and cold applications. We can supply paper cups, paper bags, Frozen food packaging, and many more.
  3. PE coating can be done in various GSM depending on your business’ needs.
  4. PE coating can be done in paper GSM from 50GSM up to 500GSM.
  5. PE coating can be done from size 450MM up to 1200MM.
  6. The core type supported are 3/4 & 6 inches.
  7. Our PE coating can be provided in a reel/sheet and dye cut form.


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