Food Industry

Food Industry

Food Industry

The world advances, packaging innovations are being developed daily to lower costs and make them more convenient to use. Our food packaging segment aims to provide excellent quality and eco-friendly raw materials which can easily be converted, achieving best in class performance. We have an array of options that food businesses of all sizes can choose from

SBS Board / Food Board Paper:

Solid bleached sulfate. Made from bleached chemical pulp, can be either 1 side coated (1SC) or 2 side coated (2SC). The recommended option for those who are looking for the finest printing results without having to compromise the quality of the box. Our SBS boards will make your product stand out from others on the shelves, increasing visibility, readability and creating a unique look of your product. This option will leave a lasting impression of your products to your customers when they open the box. Technical Specifications:
  1. Available from 300-400GSM
  2. Available in both 1 side or 2 side coating
  3. Can provide FSC certification on request.
  1. For perfume packaging
  2. For pharmaceutical products
  3. For high-end or luxury goods packaging

Cup stock:

Made from 100% virgin fibers, our cup stock material can be your reliable and trusted choice for manufacturing of paper cups Our cup stock paper provides smooth performance on your machine which can provide excellent forming results, increasing production and reducing downtime, Also with great printing results it can create an identity and create an impact on your customers of how they view your products Since it is in direct contact with food, our cup stock paper are guaranteed clean, hygienic, and smell-free. The 1-side coating option is the best choice for disposable paper cups and for application of hot drinks. On the other hand, the 2-side PE cup is suitable for cold use such as ice cream or chilled foods.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Available from 150-330 GSM
  2. 100% recyclable material
  3. 1 side PE available applicable for hot drinks
  4. 2 Side PE available applicable for cold drinks
  5. Can provide FSC certifications on request


  1. For Disposable paper cups (Hot and cold drinks)
  2. For chilled/ice cream cups
  3. For frozen items

Bleached MG or MF Kraft:

Made from 100% virgin pulp. With options available in both white & brown, MG/MF Kraft paper can be your viable source for takeaway packaging and can be an alternative for everyday plastic bags. With its strong durability along with food safety, our papers would be an ideal choice for takeaway bags. These are 100% recyclable, which makes them an Eco-friendly replacement to traditional plastic packaging. Combined with great runnability and impressive printing results, it can increase your production and be a cost-effective promoter of your products in the market.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Available from 20 up to 90 GSM
  2. 100% recyclable material
  3. Available in MG & MF
  4. Available in Brown or White
  5. Can provide FSC certifications on request


  1. For carryout/take away bags
  2. For high end shopping bags

CKB Paper:

Coated Kraft Back. Made from 100% virgin pulp. With its natural brown Kraft shade & coated white top, it can be an excellent choice for food/heavy items packaging.

Due to its physical strength as evidenced by its great stacking results, folding endurance and high tear resistance, it is proven to be a high-end durable packaging solution. This is a cost effective option that will not compromise the quality of the product because of its light weight.

Moreover, its fine print ability gives you freedom to customize an appealing look for your product and help leave an impression to your customers. Barrier coating options too are available for CKB, both in 1 side and 2 side PE.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Available in 200-230GSM
  2. 100% recyclable material
  3. Can provide FSC certifications on request


  1. For chilled/frozen food packaging
  2. Heavy duty packaging


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