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Vision & Strategy

Our vision is simple: success and innovation with sustainability. Keeping our vision at the forefront of our strategic approach allows us to maximize the benefits for all of our stakeholders.

Our approach is done in the following manner:

Dealing with environmentally friendly products:

Demand for consumer goods have grown in recent years. With an ever-growing demand, we strive to ensure that we support the packaging of these products by the use of recyclable/renewable materials. We are committed to upholding sustainability by promoting the use of eco-friendly products, in order to minimise the effects of paper and packaging products to our ecosystem and the surrounding environment.

Generating value for everyone involved directly or indirectly:

With over 25+ years of experience, we make sure to generate value in all aspects of our business, from focusing on external factors such as commercial and environmental success to internal factors such as operational efficiency and strict quality monitoring in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

Customer-centric approach:

At Scandinavian, we always put our customers first. We work with our customers closely to fully understand and fulfill all their requirements. We innovate ourselves and provide out-of-the-box solutions to our customers – since every customer is unique we try to facilitate them in every possible way at the same time so we can become their reliable source of supply.

Be competitive in the market:

Our competence involves keeping stock of 25,000 mtons in order to avoid market fluctuations and stock outs. Similarly our state-of-the-art technologies and advanced capabilities help us to cater exactly to our customers’ requirements. Also, we are capable of providing cost-effective solutions to all types of business.

Planning for the future:

We believe we can be more successful if we plan for the future. Since the scope of the paper industry is huge, we aim to be a step ahead by developing packaging solutions and selling them in the market. We have also recently started a waste division, and we are exporting materials from GCC to many countries such as China,India,Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA and some parts of Europe.

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