Get a Solution for all Industries

Get a Solution for all Industries

Get a Solution for all Industries

History of Scandinavian Papers

Scandinavian papers industries were established in the year 1997 by Mohammed Irfan Khan along with other partners in the emirate of Sharjah, which has now become a leading name in the paper industry. Mr. Irfan khan always had an interest in the field of paper & started in a small way. The idea soon became a success & expanded further leading to development in Dubai region. This marked the phase of growth & further expanded in terms of new warehouses, an increase in sales volume & turnover & market presence and much more.

During the years we have crossed many obstacles & reached on a certain level making it one of the reputed companies in the MENA region when it comes to paper industries. Scandinavian Papers is ultimately owned & controlled by Mr. Mohammed Irfan Khan along with family.

The name Scandinavian was kept due to Scandinavian countries having enormous forest resources and known to produce the finest quality of papers in the world.

What do we do?

Scandinavian Papers main activities are manufacturing and trading of the papers products and has been supplying to all the major paper packaging & corrugation industries in UAE and GCC. Scandinavian Papers is also exporting papers to China & India. We purchase products from paper mills/stockist from all over the world such as Europe, America, Far East, Indian sub-continent to name a few. Products are then being shipped and stored in our warehouse in Dubai & Sharjah. From there we convert the raw materials as per the client requirement such as in sheets or reel form to most of the paper convertors who then use our material to make products such as cartons, paper cups, paper cores & many more.

Scandinavian Papers total storage facility is 30-40 thousand tonnes and cliental includes all major corrugated, food packaging, & all other paper packaging solution providers in UAE & GCC.

Due to Covid the demand for e-commerce and online shopping has boomed and onslaught of most of the retailers providing opportunity to buy online has increased the demand for the papers, Moreover the restriction on the use of plastic has further added more value and demand for the paper products and paper industry.

Scan paper FZ LLC

Scandinavian Papers expanded their business and established a production & storage unit in IMPZ in the year 2014 by name Scan paper FZ LLC. Scanpaper FZ LLC have a storage capacity of around 5K tonnes. To meet the growing requirement of the paper’s products, ScanPaper FZ LLC has enhanced their storage facility and has added one more store in IMPZ itself with storage capacity of 15 thousand tonnes in 2019. ScanPaper FZ LLC has started to construct another huge warehouse in the IMPZ with much higher storage capacity. We are currently storing our inventory in DP world warehouse due to huge requirement of papers in UAE post covid.

Our Services

Service we provide for our customer

Plastic Coatings / Extrusions

Plastic Coatings / Extrusions

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Slitting And Rewinding

Slitting And Rewinding

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25 Years Of Expertise

We have more than 25 years of management expertise in paper and packaging industry. Over the years, we have gained a wealth of experience that has allowed us to fully understand the requirements of every client.

Quality Standards

We uphold the highest quality standards in the paper and packaging industry. Products we design are thoroughly developed, reviewed, and tested before they are released because you –our clientele – deserve only the best in the market.

Accuracy & Precision

To ensure accuracy, precision and to achieve the perfect runability, we only use state-of-the-art machines and equipment to handle each and every requirement. Visit our Services page for a glimpse of how we uphold the highest production standards.

Superior Quality

Our superior quality paper and packaging solutions are offered at a very friendly cost. This is because we aim to fulfill the needs and requirement of businesses of all types and sizes by providing options that suit every budget.

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